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How No Games Chicago helped kill their 2016 bid

"The 2016 Olympic Bid One Year Later - What We Should've Learned"

Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics was shot down on October 2, 2009. What did we learn from the bid process? What did the bid tell us about Chicago politics and competing visions for economic progress? One year after that decision, Tom Tresser, one of the lead organizers for No Games Chicago ( will reveal behind-the-scenes details of why activists from around the city came together to derail the bid, what happened when they went to the IOC's World HQ in Switzerland and what happened when they went to Copenhagen.

Video of Tom Tresser of No Games Chicago 2016 addressing a October 16 2010 meeting of the College of Complexes which is a weekly free speech forum that has been meeting since 1951. It comments on social issues and current events, and meets every Saturday Evening at 8:00 PM at the Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL

(The video has a silent header. Be patient, the sound kicks in eventually. There is a certain amount of ambient sound from diners but stick with it. That drops out a lot as he speaks. His talk lasts about an hour)

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