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More (radioactive) Merde for the ODA to investigate

Two strikes in as many days is not bad going for the Games Monitor website. A couple of days before the 'merde' alert over the humiliation of Britain, London and the person after whom the Olympic Park is to be named there was a little noticed announcement by ODA Chairman John Armitt. During the recent appearance of the ODA hierarchs before the Greater London Assembly Mr Armitt announced he would hold an inquiry into whether whether any environmental agencies had retrospectively granted approvals in relation to the soil remediation processes on the Olympic Park. The wording conceals the fact that this concerns the handling of radioactive material.

Games Monitor raised this issue back in July 2009. The retrospective granting of approvals was carried out by the ODA planning decisions team. Not only that but the Environment Agency also showed little regard for normal procedure in the way non-exempt radioactive material was stored on the park.

The ODA has taken its time launching this inquiry. Maybe they hoped this radioactive material would just go away! Some hope. As John Large of Large Associates has put it:

'After all of the Olympic razmatazz has passed this very long-lived radioactive waste will remain, it will require management and safeguarding for tens, hundreds and more years, and its presence will blight the use and future development of the Olympic site.'

This one will just run and run!

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