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The Fluid Survey: Clays Lane Housing Co-op Residents Survey Report

The Fluid Survey was carried out in August and September 2004. It followed two meetings at the end of November 2003 and in February 2004 at which the LDA had met with the Clays Lane community. At the first meeting the LDA had said the estate would be demolished even if the Olympics did not come to London. It had produced a drawing of a non-Olympic scenario at the meeting in November. Enquiries by residents showed that in reality there was no such non-Olympic plan and later, at the CPO Inquiry in 2006, Jason Prior, the Olympics Masterplanner, revealed in his evidence that an investigation into a non-Olympic plan for the area was not even commissioned until the summer of 2004 and was then abandoned as unviable.

The survey was originally planned for March 2004 but was postponed for reasons which are not entirely clear. There were discussions with the management of the Co-operative about which the community at large was not informed. At some point these discussions broke down.

At the meeting in November the LDA had raised the prospect of a community move and this had also been discussed with the Co-op's management committee. This possibility was included in a question in the survey. In June of 2004, Mr Winterbottom had written to residents promising that residents would receive accommodation 'as good as if not better than' we had. In the survey report, which is attached, this was changed to 'as good as in so far as is reasonably practicable'. Later these formulas were simply forgotten about and the rehousing policy made no reference to these statements. In effect these promises were meaningless. Residents just got whatever was available which in some cases was an improvement and in others a deterioration in their accommodation.

The survey was well conducted. However, when it came to the summer of 2005 after the Bid was won the LDA and its agents, Community Based Housing Association which was a branch of Peabody, produced a new survey with a few basic questions such as, which area do you want to move to, do you have a disability and is there anyone you want to move with?

The Fluid survey was never used and the questionnaires were never handed over to CBHA, the association charged with managing the relocation on behalf of the LDA. The LDA had all the results in their possession. Residents were told it was confidential to Fluid, that it was out of date and that it had only even been carried out to establish general trends. The survey makes it plain that it was designed to discover individual housing needs.

Download the Fluid Report in PDF (7Mb)

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