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Speed lanes to get the Olympic 'family' to the Games on time

Buses will be diverted, side roads and pedestrian crossings closed, parking bays and delivers spaces will be suspended and taxis barred from entering Olympic VIP lanes.

Olympic Delivery Authority chairman John Armitt said: “Where Games lanes are required there will inevitably be some temporary disruption to everyday life, but we must give athletes the best chance to train and compete effectively. That means ensuring they get to their events on time and minimising the time they spend travelling.”

Actually, most of those who will use the lanes will not be athletes but members of the so-called Olympic family, sponsors, officials and media. Most of the athletes will be housed near their events although some will have to travel outside the Olympic Park. After all that was why the Clays Lane housing estate was knocked down to make way for the Athletes' Village so that athletes wouldn't have to walk too far to their stadiums, for all of a couple of weeks!

The VIPs, the 'Olympic family', sponsors, media and officials will, for the most part, stay in more salubrious parts of London. The Family for reasons of comfort like to kip in Park Lane. From there they can speed along in the VIP fast, offside lanes, where traffic lights will be phased green to get them to the Games on time. Motorways will have special VIP lanes which will not be subject to 'traffic management measures' or speed limits to you or me.

BoJo has suggested the Olympic VIPs could use public transport! The VIPs could quite sensibly retort that public transport is likely to be overcrowded and may not even function properly so they will be doing everyone a favour by avoiding further stressing the system. And anyway most of the system lacks first class compartments.

There will be special mobile patrols to keep native motorists at bay and fines of £200 for anyone who offends. Officials say 'just' 2.6% of roads will be affected. But everyone in East London knows the chaos which results all over East London in the rush hour if the Blackwall Tunnel is out of action. The VIP lanes will include roads around key routes like the Blackwall Tunnel, Hyde Park Corner, Parliament Square and Marylebone Road.

BoJo declared “I can't pretend that during that period you will be able to bomb along the Embankment. I hope that Londoners will understand that some modest inconvenience at Games time is a price worth paying for a happy Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Not many get to 'bomb along the Embankment' in the rush hour at the best of times. The sight of expensive limousines whizzing past gridlocked commuters without regard for speed limits is likely to severely test their Olympic Spirit!

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