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Businesses stress over possible losses from London 2012

A novel take on the 2012 Games. Apparently businesses are anticipating losses from the London Olympics. A range of legal, financial, media and public sector organisations are unhappy at the lack of attention being paid to the possible disruption and loss of revenue the Games may bring.

The firms’ major concerns were transportation, terrorism, threats to security and lost mobile phone reception. But despite these disruptions and the fact that it was inevitable staff would want to take time off and join in the celebrations, companies "need to find good balance so we manage staff excitement and maintain company productivity” said Stuart Purton, Personal Injury Team Manager, Hodge Jones and Allen LLP.

Well, at least they won't have to worry about delays caused by work on the tube and railway networks. TfL and Network Rail say they will make sure all their lines are open. It's ok to mess around ordinary Londoners with weekend work for years at a time but not visitors to the Olympics for their three week stint on the town. Just as well as the Vips of the Olympic family will be hogging London's roads so the hoi polloi will be driven on to the rails, both over and under the ground. Some may even take to the drink and travel by river taxi. BAA, however, have preserved their reputation for delay and chaos and won't have their new Heathrow terminal ready in time.

We have to hope they all listened to that bloke from Frontier Technology and will put in place a 'seamless business continuity plan', create 'a flexible workforce', take care to 'strengthen security and stress-test their contingency plans' to ensure they are 'fail proof' and carry out 'due-diligence checks on all of their suppliers'!

It'll be too late when they find themselves stuck at Heathrow, separated from their luggage, without a mobile phone connection and with the whole transport system gridlocked by a bomb threat. Excitement won't be the word for it.

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