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Free stays at the Dorchester - it's what they expect

BoJo has withdrawn the corrupt offer of a free stay for FIFA officials at the Dorchester during the 2012 Olympics. It's just taken for granted that this is the sort of thing bidders offer organisations like FIFA.

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A caveat of corruption - in England's World Cup bid

There's nothing to match a bunch of politicians, princes and sports administrators in pursuit of sporting glory! After sports chiefs criticised the BBC and Sunday Times as 'unpatriotic' for daring to accuse FIFA board members of corruption the acting Chair of the FA suddenly discovered that FIFA was indeed full of 'people whom I cannot trust'.

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Light entertainment

Reading about the National Day of Mourning for the lower windows of Millbank Tower on triflingoffence I stumbled upon the previous post:

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Glasto 2012 down the pan

Due to a lamentable lack of portaloos and plod

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Raiding the piggy bank

Dave Lee's The Olympic Borough has an exclusive one day in advance of the next Save Wanstead Flats public meeting. His FoI request reveals that t

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'A wee person' to be evicted for Glasgow Games

‘Just a person in a wee flat’ Margaret Jaconelli, the last person left living on the site of the Athletes’ Village for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, has been told she will be evicted. She protests that she has been offered totally inadequate compensation for the compulsory purchase of her flat and will be unable to buy a replacement property.

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Andrew Jennings interview on Brazilian Bola de Vez TV show about corruption in global sports business

Andrew Jennings replies in English to a panel of Brazilian journalists asking him about corruption in FIFA, the World Cup, Olympic Games and the International Olympic Committee.

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