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Less and less housing for the 'Legacy'

Oh that housing legacy!

It seems the OPLC, the Olympic Park Legacy Company, has revised the amount of housing for the 'legacy' downwards from 10-12,000 units to 8,000.

Of course, it has to be pointed out the housing on the Stratford City site, the Athletes' Village, was going to be built anyway as planning permission had already been granted before the Olympics took over the land.

And then there is the much forgotten demolition of homes for a thousand or so people at the Clays Lane and Park Village sites which should be counted in the calculation of net housing gain.

At one time much of the Athletes' Village, that is the housing, was going to be built at Clays Lane. Residents at Clays Lane did point out that it could all be put on Stratford City but the masterplanner thought a railway running through the site posed a security problem. Residents wondered why and lo and behold the masterplanner suddenly saw it could go there after all. Later the masterplanner scratched his head and couldn't remember anything about it.

The LDA went on insisting there really wasn't any double counting but the ODA just agreed there wasn't really a legacy from the Village after all as the housing was going to be built anyway. They were even kind enough to put it in a FoI response.

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