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They can't keep politics out of sport

In Beijing it was Tibet and Human Rights. In London it may be Women in Sport and Palestinian Rights.

Women's rights campaigners are threatening protests against Saudi Arabia at London 2012 if they don't include women in their team and Palestinian artists, trade unionists, teachers, writers, film-makers and non-governmental organisations have called for a ban on Israel participating at London 2012, see the Games Monitor Discussion Group for recent press articles.

However, neither campaign expresses any concern about the IOC. Indeed they both seem to consider it a possible ally in their cause!

Anita DeFrantz, the former US Olympic rowing medallist who chairs the IOC's influential Women and Sports Commission said "I am hopeful that by 2012 every National Olympic Committee will have competitive opportunities for women."

The Palestinians end their petitions with the statement 'We feel sure that, in the light of the information available, you would not wish to lend support – however indirect and implicit – to Israel’s policies, by allowing them to attend and participate in such a high profile event that aims to be "a force for good".

Maybe Games Monitor should open a book on the likelihood of Saudi Arabia or Israel being banned from the London Olympics.

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