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the budget just went up?

Vision for Victoria Embankment cycle superhighway

Via Cyclists in the City:

Early today, the Mayor will announce “an Olympic legacy for all Londoners”, in the form of a dedicated and meaningful commitment to creating a city where people feel they have the choice to use a bicycle instead of driving.[PDF]

The Mayor of London explains:

I will more than double London’s cycling budget – to a total of almost £400m over the next three years, two-and-a-half times more than previously planned. In 2015, we will be spending £145m a year on cycling, or roughly £18 a head, up with the best in Germany and almost on a par with the Netherlands.
Over the next 10 years, cycle spending will total £913m, more than treble the previously-planned levels. There will be particularly dramatic increases in spending earmarked for Outer London. I will change how I spend our money to focus far more heavily on serious, meaningful improvements to routes and junctions. I have appointed a Cycling Commissioner, who has helped draw up these policies, to drive them forward and win support for them from the other bodies whose backing we need.

So either that's another magnificently extravagant rhetorical flourish from Boris Johnson, or perhaps the budget for the Olympics and associated 'legacy' has increased rather significantly? Alternatively, it would've happened anyway, and thus is no 'Olympic legacy' at all?

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