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More Olympics effects - amnesia, anticipation, non-materialisation

The Olympics amnesia effect kicks in again. The Press reports another Olympic ’success’ story, this time it’s Heathrow, which saw profits rise in the ‘Olympic year’ along with the number of passengers. CEO Brian Matthews declared ‘We gave a warm welcome and a smooth journey to thousands of Olympic and Paralympic athletes’.

Brian omitted to mention that other ’Olympics effect’ that while athletes and officials were being warmly welcomed British travellers were staying home and non-Olympic visitors were staying away, resulting in a decline in the number of passengers during the Games. Heathrow had geared up for what it expected to be its busiest time ever only to find the 'anticipated' traffic didn't materialise.

The widely observed Olympics 'anticipation' effect followed by the 'non-materialisation' effect. It's almost science fiction.

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