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Tube miracle worker off to Sydney

London Tube boss Howard Collins has got a job running railways Down Under. The Standard describes him as the 'Tube boss credited with making the trains run on time during the Olympics'. If they expect Mr Collins to repeat the miracle of making the trains run on time in Sydney then they can look forward to apocalyptic warnings about how the system is about to crack up and they'd all be better off walking, getting on their bikes, staying at home, anything but travelling by train!

Sydney, of course, experienced its own Olympic transport miracle. And how did they achieve that? One study reported there there was a huge perception that 'it is illegal to drive anywhere in the city' and comments by officials such as 'We did such a great job in... having Sydney residents taking holidays and leaving Sydney that we got our forecasts hopelessly wrong, in the right direction for a change.'

Sounds like Collins and Sydney will get on like a house on fire, or maybe that should be a runaway train.

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