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They're still playing the same mega event in Brazil - eviction

Eviction remains the name of the game in Brazil. It is reported that up to 20,000 people face eviction in Fortaleza, one of the cities where the 2014 World Cup is to be held.

Meanwhile at the Maracanã stadium complex in Rio, where controversy rages over plans to privatise the complex, the government is trying to evict indigenous people from the Aldeia Maracanã, a centuries old indigenous heritage site located in the Maracanã complex. Police surrounded the site on 12th January but then the authorities backed off for the time being. The government wants to turn the heritage site into a parking lot for the Maracanã stadium. Residents from a favela in the same area, Favela do Metro also suffered eviction to create a Maracanã parking lot in December 2010.

That's what you get with mega events, parking before people!

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