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What? Now it's 'the largest new urban park for a century' - in the world?

The lie of the 'Largest new park in Europe' has now become so well established that the Press regularly restates it and other Legacy myths even when the Olympic authorities don't use the term. Both the Evening Standard and the Huffington PostUK have informed their readers that the Olympic Park will be the 'largest new urban park for a century'. No attempt is made by these publications to distinguish between the different definitions of the Park, the Olympic Park as a whole, which includes the housing, stadiums and other facilities, and the park or green space. It is the latter space that the ODA and others have successfully sold as this illusory 'Largest new park in Europe' not the Olympic Park as a whole to which these journalists refer. Now the journalists just call it 'the largest new urban park for a century' - what, in the whole world?

Maybe it is just naive to expect journalists to try to establish the facts. However, in this case even the LLDC doesn't make any claims about the size of the space, be it the Olympic Park as a whole or the green space, in its press release on the opening plans for the Park. The journalists just do it for them. A while ago I was told by Paul Brickell, Executive Director of Regeneration and Community Partnerships at the LLDC, that the Corporation is aware that the Northolt and Greenford Countryside Park is larger than the green space in the Olympic Park and is less than twenty years old. Of course this doesn't prevent the LLDC creating its own park mythology.

Once started lying just 'spins' out of control.

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