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Use our global reach - but don't ask us to pay

They’ve been discussing hosting the Olympics at a conference in Dubai.

One speaker was Boutros Boutros, Divisional Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Emirates, who was clear about what corporations expect:

"A company like us will always be a target for those seeking sponsorship," he said. "My message to them is don't come to us if you need financial support - come to us to use our global reach to spread a message and rally a country," he added.

"Major sporting events should be financed by the Government hosting it. If they don't have the money to finance the event, they shouldn't bid for it," he concluded.

'Use our global reach.' In other words let us take advantage of the advertising and marketing but you foot the bill, the hosting a parasite legacy!

Another speaker was Wolfgang Maennig, Professor of Economics at Hamburg University who declared:

"Host cities often suffer a decline in visitor numbers and an increase in people leaving the country during the event. But positive factors include the creation of iconic buildings, a surge in national pride, and an improvement in the host city's international perception." The party legacy!

All strangely reminiscent of the Game Plan report back in 2002 which stated ‘The explicit costs of hosting a mega event should be weighed very carefully against the perceived benefits...(which) appear to be more about celebration than economic returns.’

It's an old, old story, oft repeated...

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