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Babes are born and cauldrons bubble

Now it's the Telegraph's turn to recount the miraculous capacity of the Olympics to boost fertility! And just in case anyone should doubt its truth even science is recruited to provide an explanation for the baby boom. Janice Hillier, a consultant clinical psychologist at the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships informs us:

“When you experience feelings of novelty, interest and motivation your brain releases dopamine and noradrenaline, which in turn increase levels of oxytocin and vasopressin – chemicals associated with arousal. On a neurobiological level, the Olympic baby boom makes sense.”

Another cult enthusiast, Thomas Heatherwick, who designed the London 2012 cauldron, declared:

“The Olympic Games is phenomenally religious, the liturgy, the ceremonial dimension, is incredibly similar to a religious service. There’s very precise ceremonial aspects and a gravity to that process,” he said. “In a way, the stadium represented the temple to that, and this funny faith that is an Olympics also has miracles that actually maybe you do believe in."

Of course, religion's opiate qualities have to be borne in mind, perfectly illustrated in the case of Olympism by its prophet's devotion to Nazism and his modern day disciples' adherence to the doctrines of corporate capitalism.

Maybe this miraculous ability also explains the amazing growth in the size of the Olympic Park, the site of future Olympic pilgrimage.

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