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Corporate disclosure - but thick as thieves

Here's a searching piece of journalism! Sue Reisinger of Corporate Counsel talks to Chief Olympics Counsel Terry Miller about ‘her journey, her love of horses, and the challenges of her job’. Oh, and by the way, there's disclosure! Miller and Reisinger were University of Dayton Law school classmates in the mid-70s, and Reisinger worked with Miller’s British-born husband, Jonathan, at the Dayton Daily News. Just in case you thought they might be thick as thieves!

Terry fills Sue in on her job at Goldman Sachs when, just as she was planning on going part-time, by happy coincidence ‘one of my fellow Goldman Sachs partners became the CEO of the [London 2012 Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games], and he asked if I would be the general counsel.’ No doubt after a strenuous interview process!

The interview continues with hard questions about how many lawyers were employed, the number of contracts (total amazement on the part of the interviewer on this one), including contracts for temporary toilets, and why did they need to start doing stuff so long before the Games started?

Part 2 continues in a similar vein although without much reference to her legal activities. Security features with some coy references to G4S, which she enjoys bashing, but nothing about how it felt to enforce the rights of sponsors, threaten local residents who complained about noise and dust, take out injunctions against protesters and launch prosecutions when they tried to prevent the illegal seizure of marshland in contravention of planning rules or hit them with thousands of pounds of costs when they sought judicial review. And nowhere do those nasty words ‘compulsory purchase' or the ‘demolition' of homes, industry, allotments and such like crop up.

And what of the building of a store on the Olympic Park for over 7,000 tonnes of radioactively contaminated soil, including 100 tonnes of non-exempt material which should have been sent to Drigg, all without prior planning permission? Huh? Sue and Terry were long gone, reminiscing about riding, handing out medals, happy memories…

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