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empty seats and a ghost town

Olympics Fever at Newham livesite: photo: Simon ShawOlympics Fever at Newham Live: photo: Simon Shaw

The above photo has been doing the rounds already on twitter and was crossposted to the GamesMonitor newsgroup from the savecarpenters group. As Julian pointed out, that was on a dry sunny day. Albeit somewhat damper, a similar picture was revealed by #livesites researcher Dave McGillivray's footage from this morning on youtube, as pointed to by Kevin Blowe:

BTW this (from today) is where @NMPEastLondon Community Legal Observers are banned from What trouble could they cause?

(See also #emptyseats and #ghosttown)

Update: See also : Newham Council Bans Legal Observers From Stratford Park by Kevon Blowe

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