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Round and Round and Round in Leyton

Leyton is becoming a hot spot for security guards harassing camera crews. Another film crew wanted to film the site of the former Clays Lane estate. We were standing on the same steps next to Draper's Field when once again a team of security guards came over to 'question' us about what we were doing. After some banter in which we told them it was none of their business they retired to call the cops.

This time an inspector no less showed up, now accompanied by five guards and a couple more police officers near by! This turned into quite a discussion with the police agreeing with the guards that the bit of land we were on belonged to the lowest of COGs. But the camera crew already had a Lowcog pass, plus one from the local borough and more besides! Indeed the journalist was even wearing two around his neck. This caused a slight hiatus in the argument followed by the realisation on the part of the assembled Olympic guardians that the public pavement was a couple of metres away. I helpfully suggested we shifted the camera at which point they seemed to lose interest in making us move.

The journalist, from Australia, fully accredited by the COG, started to interview the inspector, holding out his microphone, while the cameraman kept filming. To my astonishment the inspector made no attempt to tell them to stop. It was all becoming slightly surreal. I decided to point out that I had been evicted from the site in the distance and asked what exactly we were doing wrong, a point the inspector ignored while he tried to concentrate on engaging with the journalist. The female guard who had insisted on questioning us smiled and looked a bit sheepish. The inspector seemed to have decided he had made his point and the whole party drifted off leaving us to finish the interview.

To quote Andy Wilkes who misleadingly told us it was our own fault and a result of our provocative behaviour if we got hassled by security near the Olympic Park - 'Jeez Julian! We're going round and round and round..... and round and round...'

I'm back there on Monday for another interview.

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