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Loughborough BOA Security alert! 'marquee' athletes being kitted out

Now it's the turn of Loughborough University and Leicestershire Constabulary to get up the nose of the British Olympic Association! It's already being charged £750,000 to use the facilities at Loughborough for Team GB but it is now facing a further charge of £1million for security.

'Insiders' are apparently keen to reassure that this will not impact on the preparations of the team and its use of Loughborough but leave a doubt hanging in the air if no 'resolution' is found.

Bizarrely the Torygraph refers to athletes like Hoy, Ennis and Ainslie as 'marquee names' who will be 'kitted out' at Loughborough. Does this mean we have a new Occupy movement developing in the Olympic camp?

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