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The 'ultimate nightmare' of Getting Ahead of the Games

The hell that is London 2012 just got a whole lot worse. On Wednesday 1st February the Games transport for London commissioner Peter Hendy, as part of the Get Ahead of the Games initiative, called on commuters to go to the pub instead of clogging up stations like London Bridge.

"We are not saying don't travel. And we are not saying don't travel home at 5pm. But for those who can, go down the pub and travel at 6.30pm.

"You should really try quite hard not to use London Bridge station because with 50,000 people going to Greenwich, it's going to be bloody heaving."

But, on Friday, disaster! Mike Bracey of the The Brewery Logistics Group said: "The Olympics for us is the ultimate nightmare." Brewers are complaining about the restrictions on deliveries during the Games.

Ominously, he declared: "If there is no breakthrough then our members will have to either meet huge costs in getting the deliveries through or the beer won't arrive at all."

So it looks like the 'ultimate nightmare' of Getting Ahead of the Games would be to go to the pub only to discover there was no beer and then find that all the other thirsty commuters, who'd delayed their journeys for the non-existent pints, were crammed, with you, into the 'bloody heaving' stations!

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