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Goosestepping in Pudding Mill

Athletes are a shambolic lot, they can't walk in a straight line, they wander around, waste time and generally dawdle instead of getting on with the parade! I have to say this wasn't how I viewed athletes. But apparently this is the opinion of the IOC. Blame is being placed on them, possibly rather unfairly, for holding things up during opening ceremonies. In Beijing the ceremony was regarded as an endurance test with athletes on their feet for up to seven hours. A 'source' said "We are seeking ways to force the athletes in the parade of nations to march in a much more orderly fashion, unlike the last few Games when they spread out and wasted time."

This is all rather confusing given the focus on preventing athletes having to walk for more than fifteen minutes to get to their events, which was used to justify the demolition of the Clays Lane estate and the destruction of its community, and the creation of special traffic lanes to get the Olympic cosa nostra round London at the expense of everyone else.

Anyway this desire to 'force' a return to a 'much more orderly' parade fits in well with the traditions of the Olympics. Berlin redux!

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