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Former Minister Dick finally notices lack of sports legacy

Another 2012 Games promoter, former Sports Minister Richard Caborn, has suddenly woken up to the fact that the 2012 Olympics are not delivering benefits claimed for them! Benefits which of course he was one of the keenest to claim. It's taken sleepy head a long time to notice what even the somnolent Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 noticed back in March while the Coalition managed to spot that things weren't going to plan over a year ago.

Of course, sporting Dick is sure it's everybody else's fault despite his being in charge when the Games were won for London!

It might have helped if he had bothered to pay attention to the 2002 Game Plan report, commissioned by the same Government that later bid for the Olympics, which warned against expecting benefits from hosting the Games, a point repeated in 2007 by the House of Commons DCMS Select Committee which said there was little chance that the Olympics would boost sports participation.

However, despite everyone, apart from himself, 'failing completely' to reverse the 'disastrous decline' in participation Dick still thinks the Games will be a 'spectacular success'.

A right Dick!

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