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Call for ATOS 2012 Paralympics Boycott

London 2012 faces another boycott call. This time it's against Atos, Paralympics sponsors. whose Healthcare division runs the government's programme of assessing people's capacity for work, a programme which has faced constant criticism, including from the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee.

Disabled activist John McArdle, co-founder of Black Triangle, said: “It is quite frankly obscene that they are sponsors of the Paralympics. The government is using them and the Paralympics to make propaganda for their ill-conceived welfare cuts programme.”

He said campaigners would continue to call for a boycott of the 2012 Paralympics if Atos did not withdraw from the contract for assessing fitness to work.

Atos don't take criticism lying down. Recently they have practised their own kind of boycott using the threat of libel action to try to silence critics and have taken down websites which publish criticisms of the company.

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