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Taxis+Trains+Roads = Locog traffics in chaos

Lowcog's continuing trafficking in chaos has resulted in a taxi flashmob outside Lowcog's hotel

and bother in the Commons as Dorset MPs protested over the treatment of Canford Bottom with Christopher Chope, MP for Christchurch, declaring: 'It has now become apparent that the Olympic authorities are dictating the terms of the process and riding roughshod over local public opinion.'

In addition, TfL has warned Lowcog that it risks traffic chaos if it continues with its planned capacity of 75,000 spectators for the equestrian events at Greenwich. It advises a cut to 50,000 which would cost Lowcog £1million in ticket sales. @matthewbeard points out 'The 75k capacity is stated in ODA's official transport plan... ... Ergo simply not true when Locog say they have never specified capacity.'

Ergo, when did Lowcog give a damn?

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