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Annecy 2018: 'Crushing Defeat - Victory Celebration!'

At the announcement of the defeat of Annecy's bid to host the 2018 Olympic Games, over 300 anti-JO activists uncorked the champagne out on the mountain meadow. A victory that rewarded two and a half years of struggle.

With only seven votes of IOC members from 95 is a real slap in the face which was announced on July 6, 2011 for the bid of Annecy 2018. Since 1988, only Osaka was "better" with 6 votes for the 2008 Olympics. For Métral Guy, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haute-Savoie, "the defeat of Annecy is a blow" . Charles Beigbeder, chairman of the Annecy 2018 bid, said he was "extremely disappointed". For Chantal Jouanno, Minister for Sport, "it's hard to take for French sport, because our sport does not deserve this" . For Guy Drut, a member of the French bid, "it's a very, very cold shower " . France tonight and JDD pronounced it "a fiasco" . Over 300 anti-JO present were out on the meadow uncorking the champagne and celebrating.

Cuisante défaite d'Annecy 2018 : les anti-JO exultent ! from La Voix des Allobroges on Vimeo.

Oh happy day!

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