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Local Press '200 go mad in Peterborough'

Local papers regularly go over the top about Olympic stories. Take the Peterborough Evening Telegraph getting in a tizz about the visit of the 'iconic' Olympic torch.

'OLYMPIC fever gripped Peterborough as one of the most iconic symbols of the games arrived in the city.

'Hundreds of residents' - well around two hundred - 'queued in the city centre yesterday for their chance to get their hands on the Olympic Torch...

'...sports fans, shoppers and city centre workers' - many of whom who will have been in the area anyway - 'were able to get a early preview in Cathedral Square.

'Yesterday Jessica Varley (16), who competes in the modern pentathlon (and was) selected as a local hero by Olympic sponsors Lloyds TSB said: “It is amazing for something like this to come to Peterborough. There has been a lot of interest in it. In other cities by lunchtime there had been 50 people coming to see the torch, but in Peterborough we’ve had more than 200 people."'

200 out of a population of 173,000, 50 in other cities.

Mop my brow!