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London 2012 rides roughshod over Greenwich Park and its rules

Sir Frank Berman QC pointed out a while back that the Law says Greenwich Park should not be used to "ride any animal except on the road between Blackheath Gate and St Mary's Gate in Greenwich Park"; to "camp or erect or cause to be erected any tent or enclosure"; or to "organise or take part in any assembly, display, performance, representation, parade, procession, review or theatrical event".

NOGOE 2012 had been tweeting reminders on the subject as the first test event was about to be held. Of course, it has all made absolutely no difference. The test event went ahead with NOGOE protesting outside the Park and being patronised by journalists telling them that the 'planning arguments have been won' by the Games organisers, as if they could ever have been lost, and claiming to defend their right to protest but that, for their own sake, they should 'move on'!

The choice of Greenwich had attracted some high profile criticism from the Phillips family. Mark Phillips expressed concern at the cost and the lack of a legacy from the event while Zara Phillips followed up with criticism of the 'temporary' venue. However, most eventers like William Fox-Pitt just thought it was all Wow-wonderful! Another of the British competitors, Pippa Funnell, thought NOGOE should be appreciate the care they were taking of their Park! “We hope they realise how much it means to us to be at the hub of the Olympic experience and we thank them. I hope they appreciate we are doing our best for the park to be left as they would want it.”

Of course, they are doing Greenwich a favour! Why go on about those horrid rules?

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