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2012 divides UK over football

The London Olympics seems about to score another own goal and possibly even provide a boost to Scottish nationalism. While the English FA and the BOA insist agreement has been reached on a Great Britain football team the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish FAs deny they have made any agreement. The English FA insists FIFA has given assurances it will respect the home nations' independent status, not something those other FAs place much faith in. Of course, not long ago the English FA was prepared to play along with FIFA while it was trying to win the 2018 World Cup and criticised the British media for raising corruption allegations, so it can hardly be described as an honourable player. The BOA and Locog have just got over a family feud.

So can we look forward to a Great British team in 2012 with banned Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish footballers playing in it and nationalists demonstrating against the team and the Olympics?

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