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Stop the world! Athletes demand 'absolute confidence' in transport

London 2012 is claiming to be holding a consultation on its transport arrangements for the Olympics. Just to emphasise the vital importance of these arrangements, despite the enormous disruption this will cause, the webpage has Olympic athlete Karen Pickering saying 'Competing at a major event is stressful and nerve-racking enough for an athlete, we don’t want to have to think about transport and getting to our venues. Every little detail counts in an athlete’s preparations. When I was competing I knew exactly what time I needed to prepare, to get changed, to do my warm up, to get changed. Athletes need absolute confidence that the transport won’t let them down and impact on getting ready to perform at their best.'

The Government is urging people to stay at home, not to use the tube and to make deliveries in the middle of the night and generally causing traffic mayhem yet this athlete's only concern is 'not wanting to think about transport and getting to our venues'. As a swimmer she won't even be leaving the Olympic Park. However disagreeable this is and however vital or just everyday your transport needs are the rest of you can just lump it to ensure she has 'absolute confidence' the transport system won't have a negative impact on her performance!

Not a word of thanks or sympathy for all those travellers, who will be stressed out and nerve-racked by the transport restrictions, is uttered by the poor put upon competitor stressed out and nerve-racked by struggling with the worries of warming up, preparing and changing (twice).

I always knew sports people were some of the most self-centred idiots on the planet.

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