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Marathon curry farce

SebCoLtd and the IOC's Denis Oswald took a stroll along Brick Lane as part of further attempts to pacify Tower Hamlets after the marathon was rerouted to Buck House. Tower Hamlets' reward? To be proclaimed London's 2012 Curry Capital.

Between popadoms LoCoe managed to employ the 'i' word yet again. "It's an iconic street in London and throughout the world now." He also observed: "This is a great street, a great community for people to spend time between all the fantastic sporting competitions. The Olympic Games is on the doorstep. It gives the opportunity for Tower Hamlets and Brick Lane to be showcased in an extraordinary way."

But not of course as part of the marathon!

LOCOG and Coe's management of the marathon has also come under attack from an unexpected quarter. Marathon organiser Dave Bedford disputed the need for a full scale test of the route and the closure of central London roads over the Spring Bank Holiday and quit back in February to protect London's other more important marathon event.

He also spoke out about LOCOG's treatment of Tower Hamlets: "Had the 2012 organisers engaged with Tower Hamlets and told them what was happening and why it would have been alright but they didn't. They dropped it on them as a fait accompli and that's not the way you should treat a partner. It was done appallingly and I imagine when Seb made peace with the (East End) politicians he also apologised at the way they had been treated."

A LilCog spokesperson said Dave wasn't really needed any more as "planning has now moved on to a more operational level of detail."

Dave put it rather differently. "We (London Marathon) are a professional business run by professionals and it was very difficult to work for another organisation who in the main have never organised an event of their own."


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