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2012 promoters' new discovery - no health benefits

The watchdog which never barks the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 has suddenly realised that it is unlikely London 2012 will deliver any health benefits just as the Guardian reports the government is about to abandon its Olympic legacy pledge of inspiring one million more people to play sport. "We've looked for evidence of previous Olympic Games or other major sporting events having an impact on health and sport participation and there isn't any tangible evidence," said the Commission's Shaun McCarthy.

Even so the dozy doggie didn't rule out the possibility. "I think London can do it if attention is paid to the legacy," he said. "That's a big 'if' because at the moment we're seeing lots of really good initiatives that will effectively stop when the Games finish.

"They will only deliver long-term results if there is some proper focus on legacy."

Well, woof! woof! to that.

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