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a new Duncan?

Paul Norman, he of Paul Norman's Olympics Blog, is off to greener pastures (but claims he'll continue to cover our 'Greenest Games Ever' - from a property speculation point of view no doubt). We at GamesMonitor were first alerted to Paul's coverage of Olympics (ahem) developments from his comments on Dave Hill's London Blog, and we've found him a useful source since. To his credit he allowed critical comments from Julian Cheyne in the past. However, I must take this opportunity to snipe that a comment of mine - along the lines of Jules Pipedream's legacy promises to the good folk of Hackney (whom he deigns to 'represent') of 10.000 quality jobs from the Media Centre would be straight down the drainpipe if the phantastic proposal for a ski resort on the Arena Fields site came into being - didn't make it past Paul's moderation.

In his last post Paul speculates:

My colleague at Estates Gazette Nick Whitten will be taking on the Olympics beat and with that taking over writing this blog - it will be Nick Whitten's Olympics blog or some such thing. And I will re-emerge shortly on a new platform - there is no way I am going to stop writing about the Olympics with the Games so close at hand and so many fascinating stories unfolding.

So, in due course, we'll be updating our blogroll accordingly to honour the new Duncan.

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