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one ring to bind them all

So, turns out it's not just the 2012 Host Borough of Hackney that bans books (well more specifically bans the launch event of an Olympics critical author from one of its public libraries).

In Olympic Bosses try to ban Katia’s book Andrew Jennings reveals that Brazil’s national Olympic committee would like to get in on the action:

As Canadians wake up to the staggering costs of this month’s Vancouver Olympics the organisers of the 2016 games in Rio are trying to suppress criticism at home.

Brazil’s national Olympic committee has threatened Sao Paulo University professor Katia Rubio, who teaches sport psychology and Olympic studies, with criminal prosecution and ordered her to destroy all copies of her controversial new book Sport, Education and Olympic Values.

Leading the charge against her is up and coming IOC member Carlos Nuzman, president of the Brazilian committee. He led the successful bid for 2016 and now chairs the organising committee.

Nuzman’s committee are using the excuse that the word ‘Olympic’ in her book title belongs to them and she hasn’t bought a licence to use it. Said a shocked professor Rubio, ‘I study Olympic ideas, how come I cannot use the word? Our Brazilian Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and the press. This is a clear attempt to intimidate me.

‘I’m not using the word ‘Olympic’ for commercial reasons, to sell merchandise. The word is used as a topic of scientific study...

A look at some of the titles in our Books: some further reading section shows there's plenty out there which should fall under Sauron's gaze.

Meanwhile in the 2012 Host Borough of Stratford, its rumoured that Café Olympic, under duress from the LOCOG/IOC ring-wraiths, has seemingly solved its signage problem, and is now simply Café Lympic. Nice!

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