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some sporting legacy!

Now, this isn't actually the Olympics, but part of the over-arching regeneration of the Lower Lea Valley / Royal Docks as part of Thames Gateway, and so clearly fits into the 'would have happened anyway category, but this tweet from Stop City Airport (SCAM) caught my attention:

Newham gets solar powered tower at Olympc Gateway. Missing from promo pics? LCY planes & Cable car. Oh and Boris closed the sailing centre.

It turns out the site occupied by the Royal Victoria Dock Watersports Centre is on LDA owned land which is to be developed to build this pavillion for Siemens. According to Joe Lane of the Brightside Six, it had been mooted that the RVWDC might be relocated

to the Regatta Centre in Albert Dock but the centre pulled out in September

So, as it stands according to the Royal Docks website the situation is

There are plans to build a new Sailing Centre and a study of the options is in progress.

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