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that Pudding Mill White Elephant

The saga of the Stadium's non-legacy rumbles on.

Ken has waded in claiming waste of public money and horrendous environmental consequences should Tottenham succeed with their bid entailing the demolition of the currently under-construction stadium and it's replacement with something more suitable to the needs of Premiership football. So it appears poor old West Ham are still highly likely to be saddled with that "fundamentally flawed" Olympic Stadium according to coverage by Paul Norman and Amanda Baillieu in Building Design.

Meanwhile Kevin Blowe highlights speculation over the legality of Newham's "Enron-style" loan construct to facilitate the West Ham bid. Even so, it doesn't look too good for West Ham, and it's probably over-optimistic to hope that another couple of sessons back in the Championship could save them.

BBC's Adrian Warner points out that the OPLC will announce its decision make its 'proposal' on January 28th.

UPDATE 25/1/2011 For some strange and inexplicable reason, the signing of the lease/decision/proposal now won't be announced "until the end of March".

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