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Oh no - it's not even the biggest new park in London in 20 years...

Following previous posts pointing out that the 2012 Olympic Park is not the claimed "largest new park in Europe in 150 years", there was some hurried hype revision and the ODA downgraded it to the "biggest park in the UK for 100 years" while other fellow traveller agencies drifted off message and settled for "biggest new park in London for 100 years" .

Ignoring small matters such as it not actually being a proper park at all (the Olympic Park Legacy Company describe it as an "urban space"), another park has been identified which -
a) is in London
b) is bigger than all the open space promised in the Olympic Park (110ha according to Ealing Council vs. 102ha of 'virtual' Olympic parkland)
c) was completed in 1996.

As the Northolt and Greenford Countryside Park Society say on their web page - it's the biggest park to be built in London in the last 100 years!

That means the Olympic Park would possibly be the biggest new park in London in 16 years when it opens in 2012, except that most of the 'open space' won't be parkland, won't be completed or accessible for an indefinite period, or will be surrounded by building sites till kingdom come.

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