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Up the workers

It was 20/12 day, to be marked by a celebration with the lighting up of the Pudding Mill White Elephant Stadium, to be attended by a raft of Clebs plus local schoolkids and site workers. Not sure what the schoolkid experience was, but following the tweets of one site-insider, on the grounds of Elf'n'Safety, it didn't turn out so Christmassy after all. The workers weren't wanted in the end:

@SkyNewsOlympic : us workers on the park had our invites cancelled @ 3pm due to H&S reasons ! We're not happy bunnies!

Has just received his annual pay Review, and is pleased to announce a MASSIVE INCREASE.. It works out at 0%. Merry F*cking Christmas !

Lights shine on London's 2012 stadium (BBC) : Except us 'Site Workforce' have had our Invites Cancelled ! @LDNOlympics

London 2012 #Olympics Stadium 'Lights On' Ceremony WILL go ahead. But looks like it's just the Press & the ODA who will attend.

Breaking : The Lights on WILL go ahead, but numbers have been reduced considerably due to H&S reasons and weather conditions. I cant now go.

MORE UPDATES: Stadium Lights On : Possibility of go ahead, a late weather check will confim if the ceremony will go ahead or not.

@LondonsOlympics : The lights On ceremony has been cancelled.

BREAKING NEWS : The Official 'Lights On' Ceremony at the London 2012 Olympic Stadium has been cancelled for today : 20 Dec 2010

Weather permitting I should be at the official 'Lights On' ceremony in the London 2012 Olympic Stadium today. 20/12/10

Update 22/12/2010 15:50
The Olympic Borough has an "[updated] exclusive" with an email from (one has to assume) that same site insider, which draws a response from the ODA explaining exactly how they didn't have the workers to make the Lower Tier safe for their workers or something. As a Public Relations exercise mightn't that be the wrong type of snow?

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