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Merde! French is top language in 2012

Sport turns sour for the Brits yet again. After that drubbing at the hands of FIFA and the Russians and being told by Blatter they were bad losers comes more humiliation, this time from the IOC. The press has just noticed the host city contract which has been languishing on this website after an heroic Freedom of Information campaign for its release. Newspapers of all kinds, even including the Guardian, have vented their spleen over the conditions imposed on London in the contract. One of the clauses causing the most annoyance is the stipulation that the French language should take precedence in announcements and ceremonies and that Olympic notices stuck up around the capital should also be in French.

So it seems that victory in Singapore was all for nothing. Having stuffed the cockerel in 2005 the British find French will take precedence in the land of Shakespeare in 2012. For most of the media being beaten by the French is the ultimate humiliation. They echo Blair who didn't even want to go to Singapore in case the French won.

The French have a word for it. Merde!

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