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A cornerstone of lies

Sports Minister Hugh Robbertson has called the £135million lottery funding to be spent under the the Places People Play strategy 'the cornerstone of a grassroots legacy from hosting the Olympic Games.' As others have pointed out this comes after the coalition took away £300million sports funding, cuts which will have a particular impact on children's sport.

Back in 2006 the previous government said spending money on the 2012 Games would provide 'a long-term legacy use for the public after 2012' even as it took £340million away from children's sport to spend on the elite event instead.

2012 Budget masseuse Tessa Jowell, responsible for that 2006 raid on children's sport funding, felt able to accuse the coalition's Mr Rubberstamp of breaking the legacy promise she had so faithfully kept. 'The legacy promise that we made in Singapore was to transform a generation of young people through sport. However they dress it up, the Olympic Legacy promise that we made to this country's young people is yet another promise that has been broken by the Coalition Government.'

The only thing about this 2010 fiasco that is Olympic is the constant and unremitting lying.

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