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Not another Queen Elizabeth park

According the Evening Standard the Royal rebrand is a "historic deal" and will help "transform the area" into "one of Europe's most popular tourist attractions".

Prefixing a place with Queen Elizabeth is not exactly the most innovative marketing idea and the Olympic housing estate / would-be tourist hotspot is entering a pretty crowded marketplace. The UK and indeed the world is already well supplied with Queen Elizabeth branded parks of various sorts so you can see why they had to incorporate the Olympic brand as well to try and distinguish it.

There is the Queen Elizabeth Park in Guildford - this is like a mini version of the Olympic Park in not being a park at all but a 'low-density traditional development located in parkland'.

There's the Queen Elizabeth Country Park near Portsmouth, a Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in Scotland, and even the Queen Elizabeth Caravan Park in Stonehaven which sounds a great place to escape to in 2012 - it even has an Olympic-size swimming pool nearby. There's Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury and the Queen's Gardens in Croydon.

There's the small but much loved and under threat Queen Elizabeth Park in Farnborough.

There are also Queen Elizabeth Parks in Vancouver, Sydney, Uganda, South Africa, New Zealand, and the Queen Elizabeth Marine Park in the Cayman Islands.

Once you add in all the hundreds of streets, pubs, hospitals, schools, concert halls and so forth it should be obvious the name is so ubiquitous that it means nothing to anyone in the real world. But of course marketing London's ex-Olympics development site has nothing to do with reality.