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What's in a brand? Royalty 'market-tested' for Olympic Park rebranding

Oh the humiliation! The market rules. The royal name, 'Queen Elizabeth', is just another brand. Before it could be used to re-brand the Olympic Park it had to be 'market-tested' with possible investors, local boroughs and businesses.

The new brand name for the Park was also the subject of an argument between the government and the British Olympic Association. The BOA was unhappy about the loss of sole brand rights to the Park's name and tried to extract £10million before it would agree to allow the new 'Queen Elizabeth' brand to be stuck before its own 'Olympic' brand name!

I am surprised no-one thought to call some part of this merry-go-round 'iconic'.

According to BoJo sticking the royal brand name on the Park is supposed to bring 'fantastic benefits'.

Sometimes you just have to love the Olympics!

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