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No boulevard of dreams on High Street 2012

The 2012 Olympics are working their magic and bringing people together - in frustration! East London rings to cries of 'Betrayal!' and 'Civil Unrest'!

Tower Hamlets Council and a handful of MPs have protested at the rerouting of the Olympic marathon to the much more iconic and tvgenic West End and the waste of £10million spent on tarting up Whitechapel for the privilege of having 100 runners pound up the briefly named Olympic Boulevard, now High Street 2012, otherwise known as Whitechapel, Mile End and Bow Roads, for a few minutes.

Now West Ham's Hammers and Newham Council are appalled at the prospect of North London's Haringey upstarts Tottenham Hotspur occupying their Olympic stadium!

Hammers' boss, David Sullivan, threatened riots could break out if this came to pass: "I think there could be riots, such is the ill feeling between West Ham and Spurs and I know the police feel the same."

I am not quite sure what he means by 'the police feel the same'. Is he suggesting East London coppers might join in and take on their North London counterparts?

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