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Marathon mendacity

Lots in the blogosphere on Coe&Co having chosen to re-route the marathon away from East London.

This comment on Diamond Geezer is really quite touching:

As an Engineer with Team Stadium, I watched a colleague spend an awful long time on his pride and joy - the marathon route. There's a purpose built path that leads into the Olympic park, entering the stadium close by the 100m start and allowing for a final lap of the stadium before crossing the finish line. He's a little disappointed too! We'll have to change the spiel we give to 'stakeholders' who come to visit as well. Shame.
and shame that noone in the MSM seems to pick up that there were several central city loops in the original plan with the final branch off to the stadium.

Dave Hill's latest flags up 853's 'The Olympic marathon – can LOCOG be trusted in Greenwich?' and has comments pointing to the Diamond Geezer post and to

Regeneration&Renewal's Tim Williams, who thinks it was to please the sponsors and doesn't seem to particularly trust Coe either, accusing him of perfidy:

What does add up is the money from sponsors offered to change the route. My own sources suggest that the compelling reason for Locog to betray East London is a combination of new bilateral sponsorship deals being offered by individual countries seeking their ‘live sites’ to be televised and pressure from Visit London to highlight mainstream tourist destinations along the route. I invite them to deny this. It smells true.

(No-ones mentioned the perhaps greater difficulty of securing the East End route from what I've seen so far though)

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