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Olympic traffic lanes divert marathon

Apparently the reason the 2012 Olympic marathon will not be run in East London is because East London's roads will be needed to get the Olympic family to the Games on time in East London, where, of course, they will not get to see the marathon and will, therefore, probably choose to stay in Central London!

This bizarre set of circumstances is matched by an equally bizarre project in which a ten metre tall statue of Lady Godiva, well known for her Stratford connections, will be brought to London from Coventry by a peleton of fifty cyclists to feature in the Cultural Olympiad.

Maybe the almost certainly iconic Lady Godiva will be unable to reach her Olympiad destination when she finds the roads are blocked off so that Olympic family members can exceed the speed limit along their designated lanes as they rush to get back to the centre of London to see the marathon diverted to allow them to get to East London.

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