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2012 Board given Lib Dem massage

Following the appointment of Olympic budget masseuse Tessa Jowell to the 2012 Games Board two Liberal Democrats have joined her. It had been suggested there was a competition between Don Foster and Ming Campbell for just one place but it looks like another seat has been added to the table.

Don decided to have a pop at Labour when he announced the appointments at the Lib Dem conference: “While Labour's support for the games can't be questioned, their record in planning for its legacy certainly can."

SebCo may have something to say about that. He said Jowell, Labour's Olympics Minister, had made an "enormous contribution". Maybe he and the masseuse will put Don right at the next meeting of the Board.

Don also felt it was necessary to make some complimentary remarks about Ming: “It is particularly pleasing that Ming, a former Olympic athlete, will be able to bring his knowledge, experience and wisdom to help ensure success in 2012.”

Maybe this was because not so long ago the Lib Dems thought he was past it and dumped him as leader on account of his age. So presumably they think the 2012 Board is a pretty easy number.

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