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It's a kind of nightmare! Small businesses advised to close for Olympics

So hotels are likely to experience a flip side, local businesses are affected by events and construction work and are not compensated and tourism will suffer! Now small businesses are being advised they should close down because of the disruption they may suffer from the Olympic traffic restrictions.

Nick Winch, the Federation of Small Businesses' London policy manager, said: "We are considering advising our members to simply shut down during the Olympics - it may be the better thing to do rather than operating at 30 per cent capacity.

"If as a small business you are dependent on making or receiving deliveries and the roads make this impossible then you will have to make a judgment. The advantage if you were a small business would be that your staff would take their holidays at this time when they would not be able to function at 100 per cent."

The ODA has failed to provide information about who is going to be affected by the routes and by bans on right hand turns, closures of side roads and suspension of loading bays.

Mr Winch added: "If we had a broad indication about the routes our members could start to work out how it is going to affect them. At the moment there is great uncertainty. We can't believe they don't already know what routes are being affected."

Businesses most likely to be affected will be those needing daily deliveries and which are situated near routes and events.

It's a kind of nightmare!