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Hotels warned of 'flip side' to the Olympics

More knock on effects of the Olympics.

VisitBritain admitted ahead of a report shortly to be published by the European Tourism Operators Association that tourism would suffer during the Olympics. Makes me wonder if VB did this because they knew the ETOA was about to issue its report.

Now PriceWaterhouseCoopers has warned of a setback for the hotel trade if too much new accommodation is dumped on the market as hoteliers try to take make a quirck buck out of the Olympics.

Liz Hall, head of hotels research at PwC, said: "Hotels that are expanding to capture Olympic trade alone are rather missing the point.

"The impact should be positive but short lived and will be dependent on location. On the flip side, some leisure visitors may well shun London at all costs to avoid congestion or security fears."

Liz is on the money. A lot of people are missing the point, there are lots of flip sides to the Olympics!

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