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Another Olympics, another overspend!

Hey, what's new? Another Olympics another overspend! This time it was Singapore's Youth Olympics. S$107 million ($80 million) ballooned to S$387 million.

"We were plain wrong," Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Vivian Balakrishnan said. "We ... underestimated the requirements and the consequential cost for several major functional areas in hosting the Games."

Did that faze him? Of course not. What's a few hundred million Singapore dollars?

"The investment is an amount that will give us value for money in terms of positioning and marketing ourselves, and making sure we are on the international community's radar screens."

Sounds like the 'World City' argument again.

Of course, Rogge thought it was great but elsewhere the Games were criticised for poor attendance, sub-standard construction, traffic lanes, a poor opening ceremony & concert, low ticket sales, ill treatment of volunteers, sub-standard food, "arranged" supporters and even possibly mass food poisoning!

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