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East London lacks iconic locations for marathon

It seems the iconic 2012 Olympic stadium is going to be out-iconed by the Mall and Buckingham Palace! LOCOG is looking at ending the London 2012 marathon in the Mall. A bit embarrassing really. Maybe no-one bothered to do a recce of East London's mean streets to see how exactly they would bring the athletes back to the stadium along a dazzling avenue. Locations like Bow roundabout and flyover would be prominent features to be broadcast around the world. I guess Bow Road can't quite match Piccadilly, the Strand or the Embankment.

LilCOG director of venues and infrastructure James Bulley said: "We want to use as many iconic locations in the route as possible and, of course, it has to work well for all the athletes."

They could have saved themselves and East London the trouble if they had just stuck the iconic stadium amongst these iconic west London locations.