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The Olympic Bid: Blair's crime scene

The Olympic Bid - Blair explains what it was really about - having an alibi at the scene of the crime, winning with the help of his friend Silvio, manipulation British style and avoiding humiliation at the hands of the French!

Being in Singapore, his need of an alibi to avoid criticism:

"In the end, I did, but as much because this was a crime scene I had to be present at in order to have an alibi, to avoid being criticized for not trying hard enough."

His kind of guy, Silvio Berlusconi, without whom the bid would not have been won!

"He said, 'You are my friend. I promise nothing but I see if I can help.' Typical Silvio, which is why I like him. Most politicians say 'I promise' but then do nothing. He said 'I promise nothing' but then delivered."

The failure of the bid? Humiliation for Britain? No! Humiliation for Blair, by the French!

"Yes, but suppose we get beaten and, what's worse, we get beaten by the French and I end up humiliated?"

How very British - Blair on deception:

"We affected an attitude of 'we humbly beg to offer our services to your great movement' and paddled and conspired like crazy underneath the surface - very British."

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